Contact Improv for Actors
929 East 2nd St #105, Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Spring Workshop with Michael Doonan

Contact Improv for Actors explores the fundamentals of physical preparation through stretch, strength, and alignment; and the relationship of the actor to the physical environment, to the group, and to a specific ‘other’. The result is an instinctual, unpredictable, and undeniable presence.

Every actor has the potential to develop these instincts, skills, and presence regardless of size, weight, or previous training, and this is achieved through a combination of physical and mental preparation.

Michael Doonan holds an M.F.A. in Acting from UC Irvine, where he now teaches Contact Improvisation with Annie Loui, a heralding force in this work. Michael has studied with international theatre artists at the Grotowski Institute in Poland and also with the Moscow Art Theatre and Harvard/ A.R.T. in Cambridge, MA.

Time: Sundays 2-5 pm. Begins 3/6/11. Ends 4/10/11.
Place: Loft Ensemble/ 929 East 2nd St #105/ 90012
Price: $200 total. Payment plans available.

Space is limited. Sign up today!

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