Writings about Contact Improvisation

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See also: Bibliography of essays, articles, and theses about contact improvisation from CI25 (1997)

Article from the Portland (Maine) Phoenix. (date unknown)
- Journal of contact improvisation, new dance, and movement improvisation. PO Box 1065, North Fitzroy, 3068, Victoria, Australia.
An unfinished dialog about Contact Improvisation- with Kuo-Chieh Ting and Carolyn Stuart, summer, 2001
The BODYCARTOGRAPHY Project:investigating experience in the midst of deep play by Samantha Beers, Olive Bieringa, and Tracy Vogel [21 Nov 1999]
Interview with Nancy Stark Smith by Paul Roberts.
Published in Volume 1 Edition 2 of Proximity, 1998.
Volume 4 Edition 2 contains a transcript of a conversation with Nancy about Contact and Performance.
The Contact Duet as a Paradigm for Client/Therapist Interaction, Adwoa Lemieux, Masters Thesis, 1988.HTML (198 Kbytes)
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